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I am a professional sound engineering that one day decided to stop working for the ‘MAN’ and start teaching the truth about the music industry and the production of music.

There is not much really to tell:

I am an expert in what I do: Producing music, mixing and mastering track, writing songs, and enjoy the ride.

I teach all the skills that some will need to become a music producer at their own place. If they want to continue their career by building a multi-million recording studio, then my job will be done with this specific crowd.

I want the viewers to get the best out my knowledge. I do not believe in ‘there is always the secret sauce to success’, everything is simply reduced to how much do someone wants it.

I have been working for recording studios like StudioSeven or Star Studio. I have worked with artist such Maestro and Mark Pallegrini (one of the best in music production).

I am a certified audio engineering and a music copywriter consultant; The music industry is my thing, I breath, eat, sleep and live music.

If someone wants to become the best in music production, they should come to hang out with the best, and that is why I provide the tutorials that I do, because it let people have the chance to be like the network that they have to be with, and when the time comes where they will meet this network, they will be ready with their knowledge about the music production and overall the music industry, and if they are an artist, with the professional tracks ready to be heard by the network.

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Hard work and dedication, plus the right coach is the equation to success.

Here are some of the links to start understanding the production process:

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